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Daily Digest Emails for SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on November 30, 2012

3 minute read

I check my email every morning before I go into the office. It’s a habit I started in grad school to see if, by chance, my 8 AM lecture had been canceled. I now wake up and turn on my iPad to read news and check email to see what I’ve missed while I was asleep. I like being notified and updated on changes that occur with my personal LinkedIn connections, W-Systems' Twitter followers, or activity occurring with leads and customers.


These daily digest emails are a great use of email communication. I no longer have to monitor these accounts 24/7. Instead, applications such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pardot (the marketing automation software we use) will notify me of the most popular or pertinent information.

It seems that our customers and CRM users also appreciate daily digest emails. For a few of our customers, we’ve built a daily digest email system for activity occurring with their SugarCRM system. Users of the system can simply subscribe to receive digest emails that will list any changes made with an Account. For example, a sales manager can subscribe to all of the major Accounts his team is working on. Every morning he will receive an email listing any new activity with the Account such as a logged call or note, a change to a field such as “Active” lead status to “Nurture”, or if an Opportunity is created and related to that Account. Users can also subscribe to specific records in other modules such as Opportunities or Cases for support requests.

The daily digest emails are a great system for managers to keep an eye on Accounts without having to micromanage everything. Who wouldn’t want a little Sugar with their coffee and news in the morning?

The daily digest system was a custom project and can be replicated for other customers. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today.