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Cyfe Business Dashboard in Sugar

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on November 17, 2016

5 minute read

At W-Systems we live in Sugar and are always looking at new ways to visualize our information. While Sugar has a lot of dashlet types to pick from, sometimes the information we want to show is not natively residing in Sugar.

To embed such external information into a dashlet, we have created a dashlet type called an External Content dashlet. This dashlet can handle two types of external content:

  1. iFrame Content: iFrame Content is simply an external web site running inside a frame in Sugar. We configure the dashlet with the URL of the external page and the vertical size we wish to default to.
  2. Embed Code Content: Embed Content is a snippet of HTML code that will generate a rendering of content from an external service

Here is a simple example of how we embedded our Cyfe dashboard into our Sugar Social Media Dashboard to show social and Google Analytics data without having to leave Sugar.

What is Cyfe?

Cyfe is a completely customizable all-in-one business dashboard app that allows us to easily monitor all our business data including social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, and infrastructure. 

Cyfe Features

  • Monitor Everything - Monitor individual departments, multiple websites and anything else using dashboards.
  • Pre-built Widgets - Pull data from popular services like Google and Salesforce using pre-built widgets.
  • Custom Data Sources - Securely display data from your company's databases using custom widgets or Push API.
  • Real-time Reports - Share dashboards with management, customers and virtually anybody else.
  • Historical Data - Data from the past is archived within Cyfe, so you will never lose sight of it again.
  • Data Exports - Download or schedule email reports of your data in PNG, JPEG, PDF, and CSV formats.
  • TV Mode - Automatically rotate one or more dashboards for your big screen monitor.
  • Customizations - Branded reports, domain name mapping, dashboard backgrounds, and more.

Cyfe Widgets

Here is a selection of some of the pre-built Widgets that are currently available.

Cyfe Integration in Sugar

Here is a simple example of how we embedded our Act-On website prospector page into our Sugar marketing dashboard to show real time web traffic on our W-Systems web site without having to leave SugarCRM.

To embed your Cyfe dashboard in your Sugar Dashboard follow the steps below:

Cyfe Setup

1. In your Cyfe Dashboard click on the icon for Public URLs

2. Click Create a URL

3. Enter a name under Sharing With. No password is needed.

Sugar Setup

1. Now go into Sugar and either Create a Dashboard or Edit Dashboard to add your Cyfe External Content Dashlet. 

2. Add a +1 column row and then click on Add a Sugar Dashlet.

3. Then select External Content Dashlet (this is a custom Sugar Dashlet which is part of our wTools Sugar Customizations).

4. Select Source Type – URL and Paste in the Public URL that you copied from Cyfe. You will need to adjust the height in pixels to match your dashboard.

5. Click Save and then you will have your Cyfe Dashboard accessible right in Sugar.

Cyfe Tips and Customizations

Cyfe Public URLs will show data for the last 30 days by default and group data on a daily basis when viewed by other users besides yourself. If you want to force the dates for Public URLs, you have two options:

  1. Enable the date picker so your viewers can choose their dates by using the "date_picker" parameter like this:
  2. Lock the URL to a specific date range and group by method by using the "sdate", "edate", and "groupby" parameters like this:

You can also use the "theme" parameter to force either the "dark" or "light" theme like this:

Please note at the time of this posting that Cyfe does not offer SSL support for custom domains.

As a workaround replace your custom URL such as and replace with instead.

Pricing and Signup


You can signup for Cyfe for free or upgrade to Cyfe Premium which gives you unlimited dashboards and widgets, historical data, exports, sharing options, customizations for $19 per month ($14 per month if paid annually).

If you would like more information about Cyfe or to get a 20% discount on Cyfe Premium for as long as you remain a customer signup by clicking on this link.

External Content Dashlet

External Content Dashlet is a part of our wTools Customizations for Sugar. Contact us if you'd like us to deploy it for you, or learn more about our wTools products.

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