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Customizing QuickSearch Fields in wMobile Phone and Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on August 30, 2016

3 minute read

Both wMobile Phone and Desktop have Quick Search options. In wMobile phone, this is the search box at the top of the Home menu.

In Desktop Edition, it’s the search on the top right of the screen.

The advantage of the Quick Search is that it searches multiple fields at the same time. By default, the Quick Search searches on Company, Contact, and City. So you can enter ‘smith’, and it will return records that have ‘smith’ in the Company, Contact, or City, as in the examples below.

You can also enter criteria that might be in different fields to filter down the results.

The search results will display only records that have both criteria in one of these fields.

It is possible to customize the Quick Search fields. The city field can be removed if it’s not helpful. Another field might be added such as a customer ID or another custom field specific to your business needs. The ability to add email address has been recently added in wMobile

Phone Edition

This setting can be accessed in wMobile Phone from My Preferences on the Home menu.

Select Contact Options.

Scroll down to the Quick Search Configuration section.

Any search fields that are not useful can be removed by clicking on the Remove button.

Email Address can be added to the Quick Search by check-marking Contact Email Address.

Add another field by browsing the list of GoldMine fields, clicking on it to select it, and then clicking Add.

Search criteria can be added for primary and additional contact searches. There’s no limit to the number of fields that can be added, but keep in mind that it won’t be as ‘quick’ if there're many fields to search at once.

Desktop Edition

In Desktop Edition, this setting can be accessed by selecting Tools → Options from the toolbar.

Click the + sign next to Contact to expand this section.

Select Quick Search.

The email address can be added to the search fields by check-marking Email Address at the top of the list.

Selected search fields can be unchecked. In this example, City has been unchecked.

Additional fields can also be check-marked. In this example, Customer number has been checked.

Click OK at the bottom of the page, highlighted in pink, to save changes.

Note: This blog topic is applicable to wMobile 3.1.3.x. The option to add email address is available in and above.

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