Customizing Dashlets and Tabs in SugarCRM

by J.D. Perez on May 4, 2012

2 minute read

In this short training session, W-Systems’s software engineer Tommy Wiebell discusses dashlets and dashlet tabs in SugarCRM. Because dashlets are the first visual users are exposed to when logging into the system, it is important that they are customized accordingly. 

Layout is the first step in customizing your dashlet tabs. You are given three layout options, which Tommy goes over in detail. “Everything is customizable per user, so whatever you select here will not be pushed out to any other user.”

You are then walked through the process of adding a new dashlet to a specific tab. He explains the ease of adding a notepad dashlet to keep “pen and paper” style notes. If you wish to add a report dashlet that you have created, that is also possible. In this case, Tommy shows us how he adds a website to a dashlet. This allows an outside webpage to be navigated from within your dashlet screen.

He then explains the process of altering the display columns in the dashlet. “You can have multiple account dashlets, and break them out into different categories and set different filters based off of the type of data you want listed.”  There is even an auto-refresh option, making sure you are always shown the latest data.

Now that you know how to change the dashlet display columns, you might be aesthetically inclined and want to alter the positioning of the dashlets as well. “It’s just a simple drag and drop,” Tommy explains.

The last topic covered in this video are dashlet pages and how to add a custom page. For more information on dashlets and tabs in Sugar, contact us today.

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