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Customized Branding for Sugar

by Paul Scondac & Mirel Ivan on April 24, 2018

4 minute read

The best thing about Sugar is its adaptability: some companies can use it as a standard CRM, while others can customize it for project management or even booking concerts for bands. So, to make Sugar feel even more like it’s “yours”, you will probably want to give it a slight makeover and update its branding. We can help you do that!

W-Systems built a Theme Customizer package for Sugar which enables users to update some visual elements of Sugar’s UI. It is a user-friendly, no coding required method of customizing the colors of the Navigation Bar and logo, along with the font type, color, and size in Record View.

This package is especially useful if you want to alter Sugar’s out-of-the-box branding to your own, in a hassle-free manner. In this blog post, we will demonstrate how to utilize the Theme Customizer to update our Sugar instance to W-Systems’s branding.

After you have installed the package in Sugar, a new option will appear in Sugar’s footer:

Note: if you don’t see the Change Theme Options button, you will need to clear the cache from your browser, and then refresh the page.

From the Theme Customizer’s General tab, we will update the navigation bar elements:

  1. The Border will be switched to W-Systems’s teal
  2. The Navigation Bar will be updated to Arctic Blue (#C4DAF1)
  3. The Primary Button’s color will be changed to Navy Blue (#212D5D)
  4. The W-Systems logo will replace the Sugar Cube logo.

Then, from the Record View tab, we updated the field labels and value fonts to W-Systems’s color palette, and changed the font style to Bold.

It is important to mention that initially, any updates you make to Sugar’s UI using the Theme Customizer are saved locally, so if you cleared your browser cache, your Sugar instance would reset to default branding. To actually install these changes to Sugar, click Generate Sugar Package and install it from Module Loader.

That concludes our overview of the Theme Customizer package for Sugar. If you are interested in providing your admin with an easy way to rebrand your CRM instance using the Theme Customizer package contact us today. You should also make sure to check out this Star Wars themed blog post where we customized a Sugar instance to use Galactic Empire "branding".

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