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Customer Success Story: Using Sugar in the Building Industry

by Katie Liesmann on May 13, 2015

3 minute read

Building Material Distributors, Inc. (BMD) has over 70 years of experience in distributing everything needed to for a construction project. From nails to roofing, they deliver the best products the industry offers. W-Systems started working with BMD in 2013.

BMD’s complex business model made it so that an out-of-the-box CRM system just wouldn't cut it. They have three different divisions which all operate individually. They each sell different products, have different sales processes, and different lead times. These three divisions had potential to increase transparency and share customer history, but didn’t have the necessary tools.

Before adopting a CRM system, BMD had no way to communicate what their sales teams were doing between divisions. A sales rep from one division could visit a customer and then another rep from a different division could visit that same customer in the same week without having any idea of the previous visit.

On top of operating independently, BMD’s reps were manually processing all opportunities, sales and communications using Excel spreadsheets and emails. Employees were overwhelmed with full inboxes and it was easy to miscommunicate between divisions.

BMD wanted to implement a system that would give its sales force a tool to be more effective. They thought by automating tedious tasks and creating pre-populating fields that its team would have an increased sense of freedom and not feel weighed down by manual tasks.

BMD originally met with another Sugar partner, but they couldn’t afford what they really needed at the price that partner quoted them. They were forced to cut back on the scale of the project in order to get the project price down to a manageable number. After getting through the initial deployment, BMD came across W-Systems’s name while searching for some online educational resources. After meeting with BMD and discussing requirements, our team was able to help them meet all their CRM requirements and stay within their budget.

Some of the main customizations W-Systems’s engineers developed for BMD include:

  1. A customized Accounts module which allows for access to consistent information across divisions
  2. Fields that are pre-populated depending on which division the user is from to save users’ time
  3. A method to label important roles on projects, such as architects and suppliers

Post-deployment, BMD claims its greatest key to success was putting together an internal advisory team to optimize the system. By letting the team influence the requirements of the system from the get-go, they had a sense of ownership in the project and wanted it to succeed.

Listening to BMD’s Sugar success story from beginning to end was pretty neat, because the customizations that we created resulted in enthusiastic user adoption, reduced stress for the sales team, more efficient processes and increased transparency between divisions.

Download the full case study here to read all the factors that led to the success of BMD’s CRM system and see quotes from BMD on their experience.