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Custom View to Manage Multiple Modules from One Page

by Lydia Teffera on January 2, 2014

3 minute read

Last month I had the chance to sit down with one of our Software Engineers, Robert Newsham. We talked for a while about Sugar and he began to discuss a recent project he has been working on. I found the project to be extremely interesting because of the way it utilized some of the company’s old CRM workflow structure and revamped its efforts to work with Sugar. Below are some of the questions and answers from the interview.

Q: Can you explain the project you are currently working on?

A: Sometimes the workflow provided by Sugar views can be a bit cumbersome for some of our customers. In order to alleviate this issue, we go in and create customized interfaces that replicate some of their original processes, bridging the gaps and making their new CRM more relatable to them. For example, I recently had a project where a client wanted to manage all of their projects using a single page in Sugar. We created a custom view that allowed them to access and assign available personnel and equipment dynamically. To further enhance the efficiency of this process we also created a template system that can be applied to each project, to ensure that critical equipment was not missed and is correctly allocated.

Q: How do you come up with this specific solution?

A: For this particular project, the sales engineer realized we could replicate their workflow from their older system while also enhancing it to act more like a data-aware wizard that can ensure the availability of items in their database.

Q: Did you use any other software tools beside Sugar? What software packages do you find the most helpful for this project?

A: We augmented our application with JQuery and JEditable, this allowed us to make our pages a lot cleaner until a user was ready to edit a field. We also wrapped our values with JSON, this helped us to reliably submit structured data back to the Sugar system for processing. Both of these packages definitely helped to save us time during this project.

Q: What did you really like about this project?

A: I liked that we got to rely on Sugar to provide the nuts and bolts of the data management, while we were able to create a user interface that was more responsive to the user.

For more information about Robert’s project or other customizations mentioned in this post, contact us today.