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Custom Themes and Styling for SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on June 27, 2012

2 minute read

Take a bit of your time to change the look and feel of your SugarCRM System. 

About once a month I change my desktop background, my Gmail background, or my user theme in our SugarCRM system. I take a second of my time to do this because I want my workspace to be tolerable to look at 8 hours a day and to also inspire creativity. It’s the same psychology behind decorating your cubicle. People work better in environments that are personalized to them. The same thing goes for the tools and applications they use.

Licensed versions of SugarCRM come preloaded with different themes or skins to choose from. Users can change the colors and design of their individual Sugar account by switching the theme style in the user's settings.

About a month ago, I went to change my Sugar theme and saw one called "Google" in my list of available themes. I later found out that one of W-Systems’s engineers, Danny Mulvihill, built the Google Sugar theme and loaded it into our instance of SugarCRM as one of his side projects. Not only did I think the styling was spot on with the look and feel of Google, but I was also impressed with the idea that you can completely change the styling of SugarCRM.

Check it out for yourself...

New Search Bar

New search bar in SugarCRM

New Module Menu Bar

New Module Menu Bar in SugarCRM

New Buttons

New buttons in SugarCRM

Styling modifications can be as simple as making all unassigned leads red or as big as overhauling the entire look and feel of Sugar. The default Sugar theme is pretty slick, but the ability to completely modify the styling is proof of what all is possible with SugarCRM.

To see more examples of SugarCRM theme and styling changes, contact us today.

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