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Custom Templates for PDF, Word, and Excel File Types in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on October 17, 2014

4 minute read

W-Systems has completed several custom PDF templates for our Sugar customers over the years. It’s a popular request to have CRM data auto-fill into your PDF document to use for quotes, contracts, shipping labels or applications. However, in a recent project, our customer needed to generate PDF, Word and Excel documents. We combined our experience building custom PDF templates with Synolia's SynoGenerateDoc to create a completely integrated document builder for our customer.

From the list view in Sugar’s Contacts module you have the ability to select multiple contacts, via a checkbox, and then perform an action with those contacts. The standard actions include mass deletion, mass update of fields, merge, add to a target list, and export to a CSV file.


Our customer wanted to export commonly used templates from the Contacts module list view through the actions drop down. W-Systems customized the SynoGenerateDoc to be accessible from Sugar's list view and to enable users to generate multiple documents at once. When selecting a contact, they can choose which template they needed to export. When the template downloads, it automatically places the necessary contact information into the appropriate spots in the document. Additionally, these templates can pull data from any of the Contact’s related modules. If the user selects multiple contacts from the list view and selects a template, a document will be created for each contact selected and downloaded as a zip file.

Select a template

Word Document Template

Our customer has change order forms and memo templates that sometimes need to be sent to their contacts. Previously, they manually filled in the contacts’ name, address, project name, and job number into their word doc template. Now all they need to do is select the contact in Sugar and click export and the Word document is downloaded with all the contact info and related module information loaded in.

Word Document Template

Excel File

Another file type our customer uses often in their business is Excel. They have an Excel template that has information for a project’s scope of work, accessories included, and building specifications. They wanted an easier way to load data into the Excel file rather than manually enter the data from Sugar. When they export one of their Excel templates, the CRM data from multiple modules is pushed to the appropriate place in the Excel sheet.

Excel File


The last file type our customer uses is PDF. W-Systems was able to pull data that lives in Sugar and push it to the appropriate spot within the PDF document. One of the PDF templates they have is for shipping labels. To download the labels, the user selects a contact, or multiple contacts from the list view, then selects the shipping labels option in the actions menu. The system will download a PDF with the contacts’ name and mailing address that can then be printed onto a standard shipping label sheet.

PDF file

The use cases for custom templates are endless. For this customer, it has made the file creation process seamless from change orders to shipping labels.

To learn more about custom PDF, Word, and Excel templates for Sugar, contact us today.

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