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Custom Support Portal

by Amanda Anderson on June 6, 2011

2 minute read

The purpose of email chains and Google docs is to streamline the collaboration process and keep one centralized communication channel among groups.  If your company is using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, customer portals take on the collaboration role and are far more efficient in organizing information. Portals allow customers to interact with the company by accessing and adding information in the company's CRM system through a separate website. Several W-Systems customers needed a portal with visibility to custom fields, custom modules, and relationships between modules. To implement this, W-Systems used the rest API in SugarCRM to build a custom portal for customers.

By leveraging the contacts module, W-Systems created a second layer of authentication in SugarCRM. First, we added custom fields to the contacts module for "login name" and "password". When a contact logs into the portal, their username and password must match the credentials within the contacts module to be granted access. Additionally, the data revealed in the portal is controlled inside of Sugar to limit visibility where needed.The flexibility of Sugar's rest API enables W-Systems to build various types of portals. Several W-Systems customers have requested custom support portals which utilizes the cases module in SugarCRM. Our clients can use the support portal to enable their customers to view and create cases and notes from a separate website and without the need for a SugarCRM license. The portal is centralized with SugarCRM and data is synced in real time.

The benefit of having a portal is the ability to better organize information and collaborate with customers. By giving customers visibility into portions of your CRM system, data no longer gets lost in translation. For more information on custom portals for SugarCRM, contact us today.

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