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Roll Up Sugar Activity History by Sales Stage

by Katie Liesmann on October 7, 2015

3 minute read

Sugar’s out-of-the-box Dashlets are handy, but sometimes you need to think outside-of-the-box when deciding how to display information.

One of our customers is an energy services company who recently implemented Sugar. Their seasoned sales reps used pen and paper method of tracking leads and conversations. Because of this, the company was concerned that user adoption of the new system might suffer. To create a user-friendly interface, they wanted to make views in Sugar cleaner by displaying only pertinent information in each rep’s view.

In this company’s sales cycle, many different team members create tasks and notes on one opportunity. This cluttered the subpanels and made it difficult for the sales rep to find what they needed. To solve this specific issue, W-Systems created a custom Dashlet to display activities (Calls, Notes, Meetings, Tasks) by sales stage. The Dashlet uses activity history to filter on records created when the opportunity was in a specific stage.

Opportunity Activities by Sales Stage

This Dashlet is located in the Intelligence Panel of an Opportunity Record view. When a sales rep is looking at an opportunity, this Dashlet will display all related activities that occurred at each sales stage. The sales rep won’t need to filter through any notes that were relevant only to other users that may have been created during a different stage in the project process. They simply click on the drop-down to select the sales stage they want to view activities for. An example is that the rep could look at activities only under the “qualification” sales stage because most of these are likely to be relevant to sales. On the other hand, any Activities entered during the “closed-won” stage are likely to be more relevant to accounting. This Dashlet is also handy for a sales manager to use to get an overview of what steps are happening at each stage of the process and hold team members accountable.

What are you doing to encourage sales reps to use your CRM? Do you have any tactics, techniques, or customizations? Comment below to let us know, or if you have questions about the Opportunity Activities by Sales Stage Dashlet, contact us here.

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