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Custom Mobile App for Sugar

by Amanda Anderson on July 23, 2015

4 minute read

Sugar 7 includes a free mobile app for users to view CRM data remotely. While many organizations find the app perfect as is, SugarCRM Mobile cannot be customized outside of hiding modules and modifying field layouts. Most of W-Systems’s customers have some sort of customization in their desktop application, so we weren’t surprised when one of our customers requested a custom mobile app.

This customer recently upgraded to Sugar 7 and needed a mobile application for its Territory Managers. The company provides products and services to the convenience store industry and required a mobile solution for its Territory Managers to access store and customer data out in the field. Our customer had a few major requirements that the standard SugarCRM Mobile app could not address. We recommended building a custom mobile app using a modern framework called Meteor and integrating it to their Sugar system.

The Design

W-Systems designed the custom app so that it had feature parity to the existing SugarCRM Mobile application. We simply replicated the good features, and then added in the pieces our customer needed that were missing. We styled the app to match our customer’s brand and color palette, while keeping a similar look and feel to the layout of Sugar.

Custom Mobile App for Sugar

Advanced Store Search

One of the major requirements for the app was to have several advanced Store search features that weren’t possible or currently available in SugarCRM Mobile. These requirements included:

1. Ability to search Stores by City, State, and Assigned User (Territory Manager)

2. Ability to search for nearby stores by specific radiuses from the current location of the user, such as 5, 10, 15 ,and 20 mile increments.

.Search in Mobile App for Sugar

3. When viewing a Store record, the customer wanted to ability for a Territory Manager to search for other Stores nearby the Store they were currently viewing. In the custom Mobile app, W-Systems added a globe icon to a Store record. When the globe is selected, it takes the Territory Manager to a listview of all Stores nearby the Store they were viewing.

Log All Activities

In the standard SugarCRM Mobile app, one of the nice features is the click-to-call button in a record. If a phone number exists, you can click the phone icon and it will dial out using your phone’s native dialer. After the call, the app will automatically log the call in Sugar with the date, time, and duration of the call. W-Systems replicated the click-to-call feature and auto call logging in our customer’s custom mobile app.

But we didn’t stop there. Currently in SugarCRM Mobile, you can click the email icon to send an email using your phone’s native email app. However, the email doesn’t get archived in Sugar. In the custom app we built, we were able to replicate the sending feature, but also add in automatic email archiving to Sugar from the mobile device.

Email options in Custom Mobile App for Sugar

Our customer didn’t have a need for SMS messaging from a record, but we could have also added SMS sending and auto archiving to the custom mobile app. SugarCRM Mobile gives most Sugar users everything they need and more. However, for our customer, a custom mobile solution made sense and allows their Territory Managers to be more productive in the field.

If you have any questions about this app or building your own custom mobile app for Sugar, reach out to us here.

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