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Custom Icons and Opportunity Record Customizations

by Ken Clark on February 29, 2016

5 minute read

Did you know that Sugar allows the ability to make custom design changes within their system?

Recently, we developed a way for one of our customers that allows their users to enter an unlimited number of account numbers for certain types of energy.

Custom Icons in Sugar

In most situations, we could have used a text field along with a drop-down box to identify the energy type. However, for this custom design, we used a multi graphical field instead (similar to the way an email field works). This gave their Sugar installation a clean layout without being weighed down by more text fields.

Each icon represents a type of energy, for this custom design we used the following to provide a nice clean user interface:

  •  used to represent gas.
  •  used to represent electricity.
  •  used to represent solar energy.

Being able to record multiple account records and easily identify which energy types they were for, saved the Energy Advisors valuable time during the sales process. They no longer had to put everything into a single Notes field and separate them later on once they created an opportunity.

Opportunity Record Customizations with Energy Types

We also developed customizations for when an opportunity record was created for one of the energy types, all of the account numbers for that same energy type would automatically transfer over into the opportunity record.

For example, if the lead record had the Energy Type equal to “Electric”, all account numbers associated with "Electric" are then mapped over to the opportunity and displayed accordingly.

This customization allowed the ability to generate a contract, using wDocs, our Sugar Document Automation tool to quickly create Microsoft Word templates that can be used to merge information from any module in Sugar into a presentation-quality document. For our customer they were able to then create a contract with all of the contact’s information and account numbers that were sold with that opportunity record.

With this solution, our customer was able to customize Sugar specifically for the needs of their company, allowing for a cleaner interface that increased productivity within their sales team.