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Custom Folders in the GoldMine Inbox

by Lynn Catterson on March 8, 2017

2 minute read

Custom folders are here! wMobile Desktop now supports adding, editing and deleting custom folders in the GoldMine Inbox. Sometimes we want to file emails into a specific folder to keep all the correspondence together. This might be the case for a specific project, event, or customer. Previously, custom folders created in GoldMine could be accessed in wMobile, but now there’s full support to add, edit, and delete them in wMobile Desktop.

The option will be available by right-clicking on the Inbox, Filed or Sent folder.

We’ll start by creating a new folder in the Inbox. Right click on the Inbox and select New folder.

Give the folder a name you’ll recognize. Click OK.

The new sub-folder will be displayed in the Inbox.

When adding or renaming a folder, the name length is limited to 20 characters and a duplicate folder cannot be added. (A warning message will appear in either of these cases.)

Only one level of subfolders can be added in the Inbox.

To change the name of an existing folder, right-click on it and select Rename Folder.

Type in the new name and click on OK.

The updated folder will appear after the folder is refreshed and re-opened.

If a folder is no longer needed, or was created in error, it can now be removed. Right click on the folder and select ‘Delete Folder.’

A confirmation message will be displayed, to make sure this option wasn’t selected in error. Click OK to confirm deletion.

When deleting a folder, all contents of the folder will be deleted as well as the folder and moved to the Deleted folder.

You cannot delete a GoldMine Built-in folder such as Filed, Sent, or Deleted.

We hope you find this new functionality useful in keeping organized!

Applies to wMobile 3.1.346 and above.

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