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Custom Fields in Projects

by Fred Block on April 12, 2016

4 minute read

If you use Projects in wMobile, it might excite you to know that wMobile supports displaying the custom fields that are configured for Projects in your copy of GoldMine. At the time of this writing, wMobile cannot be used to configure the custom fields for projects but once they're added into GoldMine, wMobile will happily display them for you and allow users to add and edit information stored in these fields using wMobile.

Adding Custom Fields for Projects in GoldMine

For any of the custom fields to display for Projects in wMobile, the fields must first be added to and configured in GoldMine. In GoldMine, open the Projects tab and click the Customize button to open the Properties: Project Manager Customization dialog.

After opening the Properties: Project Manager Customization dialog, while on the Fields tab, click the New button to add the fields desired. GoldMine allows users to create up to five (5) new user-defined fields to be used for projects. For this blog article, I've added four (4) new fields to be used in the examples and named them: UPROJ1, UPROJ2, UPROJ3, and UPROJ4. You can name these fields as you wish but they must comply with the GoldMine naming convention. Typically you would use a name having up to 10 characters, always starting with a "U" and then the remaining characters should be upper case letters, numbers, but no spaces. The field description and field type can also be designated when creating the fields:

After adding the fields in GoldMine, they appear in wMobile like this (wMobile may require a refresh in the browser for them to appear):

Editing the Labels of Custom Fields for Projects in GoldMine

Since the actual field "names" are not always very descriptive for end-users (e.g., UPROJ1, UPROJ2, UPROJ3, etc.), the field labels that the users see can be changed to be more intuitive so the users know what information they need be entering into the custom fields. For example, the field created in the example, UPROJ1, will be used to store the "GoldMine version" for projects. The field name "UPROJ1" doesn't quite make the field's usage clear to the end-user so we will update the "label" that the user sees for this field to read "GM Version". To do this within GoldMine, follow the instructions on the Labels tab (in GoldMine: open the Projects tab and click the Customize button, and then the Labels tab):

For our custom field examples, the fields were labeled as follows in GoldMine:

After setting all of the field labels as needed using GoldMine, here is how the custom fields appear in wMobile:

Editing Custom Fields for Projects in wMobile

Now that the custom fields are appearing in wMobile Desktop, editing them is done like most other standard fields either typing in the field directly, or selecting from the lookup list:

Typing into a custom field:

The "GM Server" field in our example does not have lookups available. In this case, the user would simply type into the field to make the edit. Clicking outside of that field or tabbing out of it saves the change.

Selecting from the lookup list:

The "SQL Server" field in our example has a lookup list available. The user can click the pencil icon to open and select a value from the lookup list and that value will be inserted into the custom field. The value can be double-clicked from the lookup list or selected using a single click followed by clicking the OK button.


If you are using Projects in wMobile and would like to track more information, adding up to five (5) custom fields may be just what you need. As always, hope this helps!

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