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Custom Field in SugarCRM to Show When Last Touch Occurred

by Amanda Anderson on December 3, 2013

3 minute read

In SugarCRM there is a field for “Date Created” and “Date Modified” in each record. The “Date Created” field is set once a record is created and the “Date Modified” field updates every time you edit and resave a record. The “Date Modified” field is certainly helpful but doesn’t give a true representation of when a related activity has occurred with that record. For instance, if a sales rep logs a call or sends an email, the “Date Modified” field doesn’t update.

Some of W-Systems’s customers needed to know when the last time a Lead, Contact, or Account was touched, no matter what type of activity was being done. Our engineers built a custom field called “Last Touched” for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts to show the date of the latest activity occurring from related calls, notes, meetings, and emails. If a sales rep creates or edits one of those activities, the related Lead, Contact, and/or Account’s “Last Touched” date field will update.

Last touched screenshot

For some customers, we configured the “Last Touched” field to also update when a record in a related module is created or updated. For example, if an Opportunity is created and is related to an Account and a Contact, the “Last Touched” field in the Account and Contact will update when that Opportunity is created or edited.

This customization has been used by sales reps, sales managers, and marketing. Sales reps and managers utilize this custom field with Sugar’s workflow rules to auto-create tasks to follow up when the “Last Touched” date is more than “x” days ago. Managers can also run reports to show them all Accounts, Contacts, and Leads that haven’t been touched in “x” amount of days. Marketing professionals can also utilize this field to create a target list of all Leads that haven’t been touched in “x” days. This target list can then be used in a nurture email campaign to stay top of mind.

For more information on W-Systems’s customization of the “Last Touched” date field, contact us today.

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