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Custom Dashlets to Prioritize Information in Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on August 25, 2015

3 minute read

We have a customer in the oil and gas industry who purchases mineral rights from landowners. They needed a way to make their Sugar instance easy for seasoned reps to use. Many of them are older and managers were worried they would lag in user adoption. To do this, we created two custom dashlets that would pull important information to the top fold of the page so that the software would replicate their old database and be easy for their reps to adapt to. These dashlets give their sales reps an inside view of what’s going on in different modules without scrolling down or having to navigate to a new page.

Opportunity Overview Dashlet

The Opportunity Overview Dashlet lives inside Sugar’s Intelligence Pane, or side bar, when viewing a Contact Record. For this company, each Contact has one related Opportunity that contains all the mineral rights the Contact owns. This Opportunity information would normally only be accessible by opening the subpanels which are further down on the page.

Because this dashlet is directly editable, users can view and edit the Opportunity status, amount and assigned user without any additional clicks or scrolling, all while viewing the associated Contact.

  Opportunity Overview  

Monthly Snapshot Dashlet

This dashlet contains a calculated field that totals all opportunities that have a close date during the current month. Users see this custom dashlet in the Intelligence Pane on the Opportunity record. This is different from the Forecast Dashlet, which totals all forecasted opportunities. The Monthly Snapshot Dashlet only totals the Opportunities that are in the status of Commit, meaning the sales rep has received a verbal commit from the Account and has changed the Opportunity status dropdown. This custom dashlet shows the user who is logged in how close they are to their monthly quotas without having to run a report.

  Monthly Snapshot

While these dashlets were designed with a specific company in mind, optimizing views with customizations can increase user adoption, make implementation of the system go smoother, and increase efficiency by saving reps time. For more information on custom dashlets, contact us here.