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Custom Dashlet for Quickly Logging Sales Activity in SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on August 23, 2016

3 minute read

Learn how to efficiently complete and log daily calls, meetings, notes and tasks.

How do you manage contacting several people throughout the day? Do you look them up in Sugar one at a time? Do you open up tabs for each one at the same time in Sugar? W-Systems created a custom dashlet for Sugar users who need to efficiently contact several people and at the same time log all their activities in the CRM.

The dashlet lets users select the people who need to be contacted, and then page through them as they complete their tasks, calls, notes and meetings. Here’s how it works: The dashlet is available in your intelligence panel for list views of both Contacts and Leads. When you first navigate to the list view, the dashlet will be empty.

Dashlet screenshot

First, think about who you need to call and email today. Use the built in filters to narrow the list down to the people you need to contact. You may want to filter on last modified date, location, or leads assigned to you. Once you have applied the right filter(s), hand select the records you want to interact with today (or use the select all option).

Click the green button labeled “Contact” on the top of the screen.

Contact button

The dashlet will auto populate with the Contact or Lead records you selected. You can now click the right and left arrows in the dashlet to page through them.

Auto populate dashlet

You can use the contact information in the dashlet to call or email each person. If you are making a simple call, you can take notes in the dashlet’s text field. Once you are done with the call, you can click “Quick Log Call” to create a call record. The call has been set to save with default times, lengths, and assigned user (but these defaults could be adjusted to your needs).

Successfully logged call

If you are logging a more detailed call, meeting, task or note, select the type of record you wish to log from the dropdown and then click “Log Activity”. A drawer will open up in the same window and allow you to create a more detailed record.

  Instant Log gif

This custom dashlet would make daily calls less tedious for any sales rep--whether it’s doing follow-up on a list of prospects or reaching out to your customers on a regular basis. For more information on this and other custom dashlets, reach out to W-Systems here.

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