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Custom CRM Solutions for your Industry

by Amanda Anderson on August 19, 2013

4 minute read

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is typically thought of as a sales application. It can manage contact information, tasks, notes, quotes, opportunities, and more. Everything you would need to take a lead from prospecting to close.

However, each industry has a different process for managing customers and other areas of their business. For example, a pool cleaning company may use its CRM system to manage service requests in addition to sales. Its CRM system might have a Google Maps integration to assign service requests out to a cleaning crew in the area. An SMS text message would then go out to the customer and let them know someone is scheduled to arrive in 30 minutes. Once the crew is at the customer's location, they could place an order for new parts, if needed, using the CRM system on a mobile device.

One of the reasons W-Systems recommends SugarCRM to customers is because of the flexibility of the application. We can customize Sugar to meet the needs of any company and have built custom CRM solutions for a variety of industries ranging from Insurance to Nonprofit. When consulting in the initial stage of a project, it’s critical for us to understand our customer’s company and industry in order to effectively develop solutions to make them more successful.

With each project, we learn something new and develop solutions that can be applied to similar companies to solve similar problems. We recently launched our industry solutions page on our website to share some of our work and experience in those areas. To date, here are a few of the industry-specific customizations we mention on our site:

Traffic coneConstruction Industry

  • Manage projects, schedules, and time sheets
  • Track labor efficiency and overtime
  • Track equipment inventory and location
  • Update timesheets on the go via mobile device or tablet


  • Display class information through an online portal for registration
  • Purchase books through an online shopping cart
  • Track students’ progress and test scores
  • Manage student registration, payments, and book sales


  • HIPAA compliant hosting for your SugarCRM system and confidential patient data
  • Custom portal for surgeons and doctors to enter patient data for healthcare device manufacturers
  • The ability for healthcare service providers and device manufacturers to refer patients to specific surgeons or medical practices
  • Storage and management of patient medical history. Can include the ability to relate patient records to family members
  • Call screen pops: Automatically pull up a patient record for call operator when the patient calls in for appointment or consultation. Any area of a patient’s record can be restricted to certain users of the CRM system


  • Manage a large volume of donations and track donation history for each donor
  • Create campaigns for Gallas, sponsorship opportunities, and more
  • Track event registrations from RegOnline and other third-party applications
  • Collect donations online and track payments in your CRM system

Self storageSelf Storage:

  • Advertising Campaign Tracking: Identify where your advertising budget has the most return on investment.
    • Track campaigns via a unique local phone number.
    • Record and store inbound calls.
    • Report the ROI for each campaign including ads for Google, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Yellow Pages and more.
  • Custom Call Scripts: Greet, qualify and enter data into your system from one screen without skipping a beat. The custom call script enables operators to qualify callers, update the lead record, and build a quote simultaneously.
  • Sitelink Integration: Sitelink is a common software used to manage the rental of storage units, but lacks a true CRM component. W-Systems-integrated SugarCRM with site-link so facilities could better manage and track their leads in the CRM system and push them to Sitelink when ready to buy.


  • Manage customer support
  • Log billable hours in cases using a custom start/stop clock and work log
  • Track and report billable efficiency
  • Streamline sales engineering and project management through Sugar

These are just a few of our industry solutions. For more information on the industries listed above click here. W-Systems has completed projects in several other industries such as finance, insurance, shipping, transportation, government, and more. If you are interested in learning about other projects W-Systems has completed for companies similar to yours, contact us today.

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