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Custom Buttons

by Alexandra Voiculescu on May 30, 2017

4 minute read

Custom Buttons (a new addition to wTools, our library of Sugar modules and integrations) is a field type which can add buttons in dashlets, list and record view.

This field type also supports adding multiple actions on the same Custom Button and covers a variety of capabilities, reducing the time and hassle needed to go through manually through different menus to complete those actions.

In this blog post, we’ll go over how to configure and use Custom Buttons. Note that you will need to have Administrator access in your Sugar instance, or ask your admin to install and set up the field type.

Configuring Custom Buttons

After installing the Custom Buttons package, go to Studio → The module(s) where you want to add buttons (we’ll use Contacts as an example) → Fields and click the Add Field button. Then, click on the Configure button.

In the Custom Buttons’ configuration menu, there is a variety of options to create your button group with the look and functions you need.

Graphical Customization Options

  • Buttons type
    • Buttons – Normal buttons, arranged one after another
    • Buttons group – Buttons stuck to one another
    • Dropdown – Arranges buttons in a dropdown menu
  • Button Size
  • Icon Placement
  • Show in Header – check whether to display the buttons in the record’s header or not.

After you’ve pressed Add Button, you'll be able to configure the actions and graphical display of each button in the group.

Configuration of Buttons Functions

The following configuration options are available:

  • Icon

  • Color Scheme

  • Label – Each button can have a label. As a tip, you might want a name that accurately describes their functions.
  • Show Label Checkbox – Choose whether the button’s label is displayed or not.
  • Show Icon Checkbox – Choose whether the button’s icon is displayed or not.
  • Preview – See a preview of the buttons group before saving their configuration.

  • Tips – In some cases, the Custom Buttons actions have a Tips/Tutorial system which can be accessed from the configuration page one you’ve selected an action (actions detailed below) and pressed .

  • Actions – lets you configure what functions the buttons perform. Note that you’re able to add multiple actions to a button by pressing +
    • Compose Email – This lets you send emails to records. In button configuration panel, you can select which email template to use from the Emails module.

    • Create Record – Create a new record in the module of your choosing. Also, lets users preset values for the newly made record.

    • Merge Document – This action only appears if you have wDocs: Sugar Document Automation add-on installed. It allows you to quickly merge records into documents and lets you choose which template and which document format to use.

    • Run Job – Select this to run scheduled Sugar Jobs.

    • Run URL – Runs the URL which you selected in a new browser window, and lets you attach a field’s value to the URL (e.g. you want to search for a record’s name on LinkedIn).

    • Update Field – this action can update fields based on a formula, or just update the field with a preset value. Note that you should be familiarized with Sugar’s functions if you’d like to update fields using those.

When you’ve finished configuring the buttons’ functions and look, you’ll need to add them in the Record and/or List View to access them. From the Sugar Administration panel, go to Studio → Contacts → Layouts → Record View, and drag the Buttons field in the layout. Then, go to List View and do the same. You’ll then be able to view Custom Buttons in both views.

Custom Buttons are also viewable inside the List View Dashlet. Please note that only dropdown-type buttons can be properly displayed since the columns inside the dashlet are not resizable.

Custom Buttons are a part of our wTools Customizations for Sugar. Contact us if you'd like us to deploy it for you, or learn more about our wTools products.

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