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CRM Usage Tracking in Sugar

by Amanda Anderson on October 13, 2014

2 minute read

It seems now that anything and everything is trackable no matter if it’s email clicks, store purchases, or web pages viewed. I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about a new technology that tracks which brand logos are showing in photos posted on social media sites like Instagram. The app can capture what logo is on your shirt and sends that data to advertisers to use for better targeting. Information is powerful and building technology to track activity and behavior is critical for decision making.

When looking at SugarCRM, there is a tracker report that managers can view to see which modules users or teams are using the most. At a high-level this may be helpful, but may not be specific enough for managers. W-Systems recently customized Sugar to include a more detailed tracking capability within the Administration section.

Administration section

Our customer needed to see more than the module a specific user was viewing. They needed to know:

  • The name of the specific record viewed and the name of the module
  • What changes were made
  • Continuous activity duration and idle time on a page
  • The IP address and computer/device used to access the record

IP address


This level of detail means that the data will build up and make it difficult to digest. In the first phase, we created an interface to expand the user sessions to view each item clicked. It sorts by most recently viewed and only displays data from the past day or so. The rest of the historical data is stored in the database for reporting purposes. In later phases our customer can use this data in custom reports or display it differently in Sugar depending on how they need to utilize the tracking information.

For more information about custom tracking in SugarCRM, contact us today.