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by Katie Liesmann on July 14, 2015

With the recent release of SugarCRM Mobile 2.5, this is a great time to review the basic and advanced features of the mobile application. Maybe you are currently using Sugar Desktop and are interested in the mobile app. Or maybe your organization is new to CRM but needs a solution for field reps. Either way, here is what we consider the best features of the Sugar Mobile App.

Full Access From the Field

Sugar’s Mobile App doesn’t limit your capabilities just because you are accessing your CRM from a different type of device. Even from your cell phone or tablet, you can view, edit, and create records within any Module. Just like in the Desktop version, you can access Dashlets and Dashboards, as well as view your Activity Stream.

Sugar’s Mobile App

View to Edit Account Info


View to Edit Account Info

Navigation View to Access Modules and Dashboards

Access Modules and Dashboards

Viewing a Report in a Dashlet


Native Integration

Because SugarCRM Mobile is a native mobile application, users can seamlessly access other phone applications from the app. Reps can make calls, send emails or texts, and get directions all with the click of a button. One great example of this functionality is making a call. From a contact record, you can click-to-call and then the app will automatically prompt you to log the call and enter notes.

Native Integration

Consistent User Experience

The look and feel between the desktop version and the mobile app were designed to be very similar. A user can go back and forth between Desktop and Mobile without disruption. And because they operate very similarly, the learning curve for the Mobile app is very small.

Off-Line Access

Offline access empowers reps to access the CRM anytime and anyplace. Even if they are travelling to an offsite location, out of reach of cell tower service or internet connection, they can still access CRM data and make changes to records. When they reconnect to service, changes will be automatically be reflected in the desktop CRM.

Admin Options

Admins can select which modules are available within the Mobile App for users. Since field reps will only have access to what they need, they can quickly and easily enter data without having to skim through unnecessary modules and dashboards.

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