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Credit Union Marketing – Nurture Members with Automated Campaigns

by Act-On Content Team on August 15, 2018

2 minute read

Marc Wilensky is the vice president of Communications & Brand Marketing at Tower Federal Credit Union, a $3 billion organization based in the Baltimore area.

Marc said about a year ago his credit union began searching for a replacement to their email provider, which was limited in what it could offer. In their search, Marc said, they realized there were more options available and that led them to choose Act-On’s adaptive marketing platform over several others. 

One of the first things Tower did with Act-On was launch an automated nurture program targeted to their members that may be considering purchasing a new car. They launched the campaign during the fall 2017 holiday season, a time when most new cars are purchased (and thereby most vehicle loans issued).

What amazed Marc and his team wasn’t just the initial open rates of the campaign’s first email, but the engagement with the second and subsequent emails that were the most impressive. The success has led to Tower creating segmented nurture campaigns for mortgage loans, and wealth management.

This article originally appeared on the Act-On Rethink Marketing Podcast.

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