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Creating Screen Templates for wMobile

by Lynn Catterson on May 13, 2015

3 minute read

Screen templates can be used to force default values. In the example below, a template is created so that all pending appointments default to a specific time, color, and activity code in Desktop Edition.

Select Screen Templates in wMobile Manager Console.

Select the Define Templates tab. There are templates for both Phone and Desktop.

Select AddPendingActivity_Desktop. Select New.

In this example, we want to checkmark a Predefined behavior for Appointments. Checkmark the Selected Predefined for Type, and enter A for Appointment. Name the Screen Template Type and select Save.

Activity Values:

  • A Appointment
  • C Phone call
  • D To-do
  • E Event
  • O Other Action
  • S Forecasted Sale

Select the ScreenTemplateType created and select New.

In the example below, we’ll set the activity code as SLS, the duration to 20 minutes, and set the color as red.  Then give the Screen Template a name and Save.

A color selection has been proposed, but in the meantime, these are the color values.

  • Blue (default) = space or null
  • Magenta = !
  • Red = " (double quote)
  • Cyan = #
  • Green = $
  • Yellow = %
  • Dark cyan = &
  • White = ' (single quote)
  • Light gray = (
  • Maroon = )
  • Dark green = *
  • Dark yellow = +
  • Dark blue = , (comma)
  • Purple = -
  • Dark gray = . (period)
  • Black = /

Then go to the Select Templates tab. Depending on how many screen templates have been created, they will appear on the Screen Template Type and Screen Template drop down lists.

Once you have selected these, select Add to List.

The screen template will then be applied for all users on new scheduled appointments.