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Creating Email Templates in wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on May 27, 2016

4 minute read

Both wMobile Phone and Desktop Editions have supported the use of email templates. Until now, the templates had to be created in GoldMine before they could be used in wMobile. Now we have added support to create email templates in wMobile Desktop.

Select Email | Templates from the wMobile Desktop menu to see your list of existing email templates.

There will be a listing of existing email templates that can be managed from the template toolbar. In order from left to right, these icons will allow you to:

  • Create a new email template
  • Edit a highlighted template
  • Delete a template (if user permissions allow)
  • Refresh the list of templates

The box highlighted in green can be used to search for a name of a specific template. The search will locate your entered text anywhere it appears in the template name.

It is possible to view the templates of a specific user or public templates.

If the list of templates is long, there are navigation buttons at the bottom of the list to navigate to the next page of the list.

To create a new template, use the first icon in the toolbar, or select File | New Template.

The template creation is similar to the method in GoldMine and to the method for creating Document Templates in wMobile Desktop. Type in the desired text. Contact details, such as First Name, can be selected from the Insert menu.

Other GoldMine fields can also be inserted into the email. Select Insert Field | Other contact fields. Select Contact1 fields for fields in the Contact1 table such as company name, contact, address fields, and key fields. Select Contact2 fields for user-defined/custom fields.

When the field is inserted into the template, it will appear as code, but will fill in with the appropriate information from the GoldMine record when used to create an email message.

User details can also be inserted into the template such as User full name, User Title, User Dept, Email Address, Phone, and Mobile. The advantage of using these user variables is that a template can then be used for all users, provided their personal info has been filled into the settings. Then you don’t need a template for each user, which makes it easier to maintain if changes are needed. You only have to change one template instead of multiple copies.

As a side note, these user variables can be entered by selecting Tools | Options.

Then navigate to Personal as shown below. Enter any information here and click OK to save the changes.

Back to our template creation, when all the text has been typed or copied in, and all the desired GoldMine fields have been inserted, it’s time to save the template.  Select File | Save Template.

Fill in a logical name for the template name and click OK.

The new template will appear on the list of templates.

Perhaps after testing the template, I’d like to make some formatting changes. In this case, select the template in the list and it will appear back in the right-hand pane.

wMobile has the standard HTML formatting options.

Save the template again, selecting File | Save template to save any changes.

The template name can be changed by highlighting the template and clicking on the Edit button in the template toolbar.

If you include email attachments in your template, it’s a good idea to check the email attachments, to make sure they are accessible.

If the attachment is not accessible, it will show up in red as shown below.

The most common cause is that the attachment is located on a mapped drive that isn’t configured in the Virtual File System Settings in the wMobile Manager Console. Contact your GoldMine reseller or W-Systems support for assistance.

We hope you’ll find the email template creation easy to use. In our next blog, we’ll cover how to use email templates in wMobile Phone and Desktop.


Note: Applicable to wMobile and above.

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