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Creating a One-Click Login for wMobile Phone 3.1

by Lynn Catterson on August 1, 2016

4 minute read

One-Click Logins are like browser shortcuts to wMobile, but they also encrypt your username and password. So when using a One-Click Login, you will not just be brought to the login page, but your username and password will also be entered for you. This is a great convenience and time saver! (Especially if you type like me!)

One-Click logins can be created for both Phone and Desktop Editions of wMobile, but we’ll start with Phone Edition.  One-Click Logins created since wMobile version use the new wMobile logo as shown below, which makes it easier to see the icon on your device home screen. If your shortcut or home screen icon on your iPhone doesn’t look like this, we recommend that you create a new One-Click Login, to take advantage of some other fixes specific to iPhone use.

Here are the steps to create a One-Click Login in wMobile Phone.

From the main menu, select Preferences.

Select Setup One-Click Login.

Select the option to save this address as a bookmark on your phone.  This method varies by device and browser. We’ve provided some examples here, but ultimately use the method that works on your phone.


On an iPhone, the option is to use the Share icon as highlighted below.

Select Add to Home Screen. (You could also use Add Bookmark, which would save it as a browser bookmark, and would not appear on your home screen.)

The resulting icon will be placed on the home screen.


Android (using Google Chrome Browser)

From One-Click Login page tap on browser menu icon as highlighted in red below.

Then select Add to Home Screen.

Select a name for the shortcut and then tap “ADD.”

In the end, you should be able to see the icon on your cell phone’s home screen

Android (Using Samsung's default browser, which can be different from Sony’s default browser)

From One-Click Login page tap on the browser menu icon and add the page as a bookmark as it shows in the following images.

After adding the bookmark, a long tap on it will provide you the option to Add shortcut to home screen.

We hope these steps and screenshots are useful.  In our next blog post, we’ll cover how to create One-Click Logins for wMobile Desktop.

If you would like to see how to set up One Click Logins in wMobile Phone for GoldMine 5.1, please refer to this article.

Note: If your company’s security policy does not allow One-Click Logins and requires users to enter their password on each login, this functionality can be restricted. You can learn more about this in our Online Help Guide.

wMobile One-Click logins encrypt not only the web address of your company's wMobile, but also your username and password. When GoldMine is upgraded to 2018.2, it will force all users to change their passwords. Existing One-Click Logins will no longer work. You will have to login once with your username and new password in order to recreate your One-Click Login. We are re-posting these topics for your convenience.