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Create Note Function in List View

by Roxana Dicu on August 7, 2018

2 minute read

One of our Add-Ons from wTools: Sugar Customizations is the Create Note Option which allows you to create an attached note to a record directly from List View. This functionality is available for all Sugar modules (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, Calls, etc.).

After you’ve installed the add-on in your Sugar instance, an extra item will be added to the Options dropdown of a record.

When the 'Create Note' button is pressed, the Create Note drawer view will open with the relationships set to the current module and record if a relationship exists between the current List View module and the Notes module. If no relationship exists, then the note will be created without a default relationship.

Create Note From the Contacts Module List View

When pressing Create Note in the Contacts module’s List View, the Contact field from the Note will be automatically filled with the record’s name.

The Create Note Function in List View is a part of our wTools Customizations for Sugar. Contact us today if you'd like us to deploy it for you, or learn more about our wTools products.

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