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Contact Employment History in SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on February 2, 2016

2 minute read

There are certain lines of business where there is a lot of “changeover”. In these businesses, the employees often move between different companies within the same industry, or even between branches under one larger corporation. Examples include car dealerships, oil and gas companies and franchise chains. If your sales reps are managing accounts such as these or a network of contacts that often switch to different companies, then it would be useful for you to store contact employment history in Sugar.

We customized Sugar for a customer in the energy services industry who wanted to be able to see the employment history of each of their Contacts. This company works with a set list of Accounts and Contacts, and the Contacts often switch to work at a different Account.  We created a module called “Contacts Log” and put this information into a subpanel in Sugar beneath the business card view of the Contact record. The employment history subpanel contains all past employers of that Contact, the dates they worked there, and their titles.



This information ensures sales reps have a thorough understanding of a contact’s background and helps them create stronger customer relationships. For more information on this custom module, reach out to us here, or let us know how your company tracks employment history by commenting below.