Configuring Notification Service for SMS Notifications

by Bogdan Ioan Botea on December 16, 2015

Note: This is presented in conjunction with the wMobile Notification Services blog post

The SMS notifications are useful for users that are not connected on the internet or away from their computers. Having this in mind, we have created a scalable architecture that can support multiple SMS clients with easy to configure settings.

Twilio SMS Client Configuration

The default SMS client we are using is Twillio, because it provides powerful messaging features. To configure Twilio in the wMobile Notification Service you must first go on the Twilio website and receive an Account SID and Authentication Token.

To be specific, after creating the Twilio account, the Account SID and Authentication Token can be found under Home / Dashboard / Console Dashboard (see Figure 1: Twilio Credentials).

Figure 1: Twilio Credentials

After getting the credentials, for the Twilio account to work you need caller phone number and some verified caller IDs.

Eg: phone x sends messages to phones y and z

The caller phone number can be found under Home / Dashboard / Phone Numbers / (see Figure 2: View caller phone numbers).

On the account creation, no numbers should be assigned. (See Figure 3: Get a caller phone number)


Figure 2: Getting caller phone number

Figure 3: Verified Caller IDS

Now that we have the caller phone number (phone x in the example above) we need the Verified Caller IDs. Those numbers can be found under  Phone Numbers / Verified Caller IDS (see Figure 4: Verified Caller IDs). This might be your own corporate cell phone number for testing. When you’re ready to go live, each user that will be sent SMS texts from wMobile must be added here.

Figure 4: Verified Caller IDs

In Figure 4 it is shown how a Twilio user can modify or add to existing receiver phone numbers.

After this step, proceed to the wMobile Manager Console with your wMobile user account and under the Notifications Services locate the SMS Settings (see Figure 5: Notifications SMS Settings).

 Enter the data as follows:

  • Test phone (text field) - enter a verified caller ID phone that will be used for testing purposes (see Figure 4)
  • Sender phone (text field) - enter the caller phone number (see Figure 2)
  • Account SID and Authentication Token (text fields) - enter the Twilio credentials (see Figure 1)

Figure 5: Notifications SMS Settings

After the data is inserted you can test the data or save it. Now the wMobile Twilio SMS Service is running and the users can receive notifications SMS.


SMS Notification Rules

The wMobile Notification Service has a built-in SMS rule that must be active in order for SMS sending to work. This rule can be found in the Rules section under the Notification Services in wMobile Manager Console (Figure 6: SMS Notification Rules). Individual rules can be enabled or disabled.

Figure 6: SMS Notification Rules

In Figure 6 we highlight the “SMS on alarm expiration” rule. This rule sends an SMS when an activity alarm in wMobile occurs. In order to work, this rule needs the “Alarm Expired Monitor” to be enabled. This can be found in the Monitors section under the Notification Services in the wMobile Manager console (Figure 7: SMS Rule Monitor). See also the Notification Monitors section in the related blog post (wMobile Notification Service).

Figure 7: SMS Rule Monitor

SMS Failure Management

As described in the wMobile Notification Service blog post, the Failure Management also applies to the SMS sending. The failed SMS can be seen in the SMS Failures section (Figure 8: SMS Failures). There are options to Retry and Remove as shown below.


Figure 8: SMS Failures

Setting wMobile User Phone Number

In order to receive an SMS, the phone number must be placed in both Twilio and wMobile.

First, the phone number must be registered into Twilio under Manage Caller IDs (See Figure 4: Verified Caller IDs).

After that the wMobile user must insert the mobile phone number into his or her wMobile settings. The location of the setting is in Tools / Options / Personal (Figure 9: wMobile User Phone Number).

Figure 9: wMobile User Phone Number

Although we have presented how our SMS notifications work with Twilio, we can easily integrate other SMS services with wMobile.

Applies to wMobile version and above

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