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Configuring a SugarCRM Group User

by Marianne Hardwick on September 30, 2015

5 minute read

Did you know that you can create a special type of user in Sugar that will not count towards your license count? This type of user is called a Group User. This option is helpful if you have the need to assign records to a team of people first, before assigning them out to specific users.

Setting Up a Group User

It is quite simple to set up a Group user within Sugar. First, go to the “User Management” link in the Users section of the Administration Home Page:

Then select “Create Group User” from the Actions drop-down list on the Users tab:

Enter the relevant information for the Group User you are creating. In the Status field, make sure you select “Active” to ensure it displays as an option when deciding where a record should be assigned. You can inactivate this Group User at any time by setting the Status to “Inactive”. Please note the Group user should have its own email address. If you mark an email address as “Primary”, this will be the first email address that shows for this user. If you mark it as “Reply To”, automatic notifications from Sugar will be sent here. 

Uses for Group Users

There are many ways in which your company can benefit from utilizing a Group User in SugarCRM.

Two of the more common ways we have seen our clients use them include:

  1. Assigning all new Leads to a Group User called “Sales New Leads”
  2. Assigning all Support Cases to a Group User called “Support”

 Once the records are in these “buckets”, a Sugar user can be responsible for going in and assigning these records out to individual users. 

Group Users are also very often used for inbound emails and, as such, it is helpful to set up a group email account that is linked to this Group User. This is helpful when multiple users need to access a single email inbox.

Differences Between Regular and Group Users

Please remember a Group User cannot log on to Sugar as a regular user can, since Group users do not have a SugarCRM license associated to it. Therefore, they don’t have the same settings available, including the ability to use a password. In addition, they won’t appear within the Employees module. They will, however, appear in the Users Module.


If you think you may have a business need to begin using the Group User functionality but are not sure, feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer! 

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