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Configure Sugar Without Code: Ways to Optimize Your System Without a Developer

by Katie Liesmann on June 4, 2015

6 minute read

One of the most common reasons organizations are hesitant to adopt a CRM is because they think changes to their CRM require too much coding. What they may not know is that Sugar out-of-the-box comes with many built-in ways to configure your system on your own. Below we list the most common questions we get from customers and an explanation of how you can optimize sugar without code.

How Can I Automatically Generate Leads from My Website?

Leads can be automatically pushed to Sugar using a web-to-lead form. You can create a Lead Form within the Campaigns Module. The form wizard will give you HTML to build into your website and when someone fills out the form they will automatically be pushed to Sugar as a lead. The forms created by this wizard are pretty basic, so you can work with W-Systems or a web developer to spiffy up your form with HTML or CSS.

Create Lead Form

 Lead Form Wizard


Lead Form Wizard Email Address

Web to lead


Download Web to Lead form

How Can I Increase User Adoption?

Strong user adoption stems from many things--such as how you deploy your system and if your users are thoroughly trained. But a simple way to increase adoption is to optimize record views by renaming fields and hiding unnecessary fields. To do this, go to Studio in the Admin section, where you can change labels on fields, add new fields, and hide fields.

Studio screenshot

A good example of this is changing the “Account Name” field in your Leads Module to “Customer” if that’s the terminology your sales team is used to. Optimizing the record views and field names arm your sales team to find the fields they are looking for more efficiently.

How Can I Make Sure All Records Have Complete Info?

Having complete and accurate data is very important to the success of your CRM. If your sales reps aren’t entering data, then how are they, or your managers, ever going to get any data out? A best practice on making sure each record is completely filled out is to create required fields.

This can be done by going into Studio, selecting the relevant module, and then checking the “required” box under the field you want them to always fill out. If it is left blank, they will be prompted to fill it out before they can save the Record.

It’s important not to make too many fields required, otherwise users may be discouraged by the length of time it takes them to complete required fields. If you have many fields that need to be required, you can help your sales team out by creating calculated fields with the concat function, so that certain fields are auto-completed. For example, when a sales rep is logging a call, you can auto-populate the Call Subject field from relevant fields like the status, date held, and call type. Ex: Outbound - 06/01/2015 07:30pm - LVM.

Another way to encourage your users to enter complete data is to display helpful text when someone is entering a value for a field that is more complex. This is completed by entering “help text” in Studio while you are editing a field.

Help text

How Can I Keep Leads from Falling Through the Cracks?

Creating automated workflows can prevent customer and lead follow up from getting left behind. You can create workflows to trigger an action to take place in the Workflow Management tool.

Actions that can be triggered include changing a field, sending out an email alert, creating a record, and more. A scenario that this configuration works well for is when a sales manager wants to be notified that the status of an opportunity or lead hasn’t changed within 30 days. To do this, go to the workflow management tool and select the module you want to create a workflow around. Then create the conditions you want to be met to trigger the action or alert.

Create option

Lead status

Notify Sales Manager option

How Can I Generate Documents that Are Custom to My Organization?

Sugar out-of-the-box comes with modules that allow you to create quotes and invoices and generate custom PDF outputs. These PDF templates can be edited using the PDF Manager under “System” in Admin Settings. Here you can change the fields that are pulled into the PDF or insert your company logo.

Generate Custom Documents  


If you aren’t sure where to start, W-Systems offers admin training to help you learn how to customize and configure your system so it works for your organization. Contact us here to learn more about our training packages.

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