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Combining the Power of Drift Live Chat with Sugar

by Katie Liesmann & Robert Radoi on August 17, 2018

3 minute read

With over 79% of businesses stating that offering live chat has had a positive effect on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty, it’s no wonder that many companies are now using live chat on their websites. At W-Systems, we believe that CRM should be the anchor for your organization. We integrated our live chat tool with Sugar in order to take advantage of the relationships built there and the data collected there. Keep reading to learn more. 

About Drift

At W-Systems we use Drift for Live Chat. We love Drift because it allows us to combine the automation of chatbots with the personal touch of chatting directly with our employees. We use chatbots to initiate conversations and get users to the right place, but then follow up with a live chat rep to take care of the website visitor directly.

The Challenge:

Implementing a chat tool helped us boost engagement with website visitors. But the visitor interactions weren’t being tracked in Sugar at all as a touchpoint. To get the information to our CRM, we would have to ask employees to manually enter the data. It’s not fun for employees to have to enter the data and it’s not fun for managers to double check it.

The Solution:

We built a custom integration between Drift and Sugar to sync our live chat conversations. The integration between Sugar and Drift that we set up has a few basic features:

  • When a conversation in Drift meets certain criteria, a lead is created in Sugar. Our criteria were that the conversation was sales related and we had collected an email address for the visitor.
  • When a new lead is created in Sugar, it syncs all the information we have received within the chat conversation, including the visitor's name, email address, location, and product interest.
  • Conversations with new or existing leads are pushed to Sugar as “Conversation Records”. These include the date, time, and a copy of the messages exchanged between the employee and the user.

Some other examples of ways you could combine the power of Drift and Sugar include:

  • Using Drift for live chat customer support and pushing all support conversations to Sugar as case records.
  • Using Drift to present website visitors with recent marketing content and tracking that activity in Sugar.

To see cool ways other companies are using Drift, click here. To learn more about how you could combine Sugar and Drift at your organization, feel free to contact us.