Combining SEO with Marketing Automation

by Amanda Anderson on May 12, 2015

2 minute read

I receive at least two emails a week containing an SEO proposal and sales pitch. It seems that everyone has a plan to improve our SEO and claims to be an expert. Earlier this year we launched a new company website and SEO was a big focus of the overall design. There are hundreds of blogs, webcasts, and books on how to improve SEO. No matter how much I read, SEO best practices are always changing, and it’s hard to keep up while maintaining focus on all of our other marketing objectives.

I must not have been the only marketer struggling with this because our marketing automation partner, Salesfusion, released its new SEO Audit tool last week.

Users of Salesfusion now have advanced SEO capabilities to optimize blog posts, web pages, landing pages, and forms. Upon entering any web page address, keyword or phrase, Salesfusion will analyze the URL’s overall “search-ability.” The SEO Audit will generate a PDF report providing an SEO score and recommendation for areas of improvement. These recommendations range from content and keyword analysis to structural assessments.

Salesfusion SEO capabilities

Additional features of this solution include:

  1. Ability to perform single or competitive analysis on any URL, including 3rd party sites like WordPress
  2. Direct integration with landing pages for easy analysis right from the builder
  3. Color indicators with punch list recommendations to make the analysis easy to understand and take action
  4. Export and share options for seamless distribution to team members

If you are interested in seeing a demo of Salesfusion’s SEO Audit tool or other marketing automation capabilities, go here.

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