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Click-to-Text in SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on November 9, 2015

3 minute read

The state of customer service today is ever-changing. Currently, two major trends stand out.

First, customer service is becoming more important than price and product.

Second, consumers are using more and more media channels to communicate their customer service needs. To adapt, modern companies are customizing their technology to fit their customers' preferred communication styles.

One example is an SMS integration we built for a customer in the finance industry. This particular integration could be used by any organization that communicates with its customers via text message.

Previously, our customer’s sales team wasn’t logging text messages sent between reps and clients, because the data would have had to be manually entered. Managers had no visibility into what was being said and reps had no way to prove their efforts if they deleted the messages. The organization wanted to start tracking the conversations, but manual message entry would have made communicating with clients via text very tedious for sales reps.

To save reps time and frustration, we customized their Sugar instance so logging text communications would be more convenient for the sales rep and seamless from their client’s perspective. We created an integration that allows reps to text their clients directly from Sugar and automatically log conversations behind the scenes. 

Click-to-Text in SugarCRM

Buttons to Initiate a New Conversation and View Logged Conversations.

To initiate a text conversation, the sales rep first logs into Sugar. From an Account record, he/she can click-to-text using the new SMS symbol (which looks like a cell phone) next to the mobile phone number on the Account record. Alternatively, the rep can initiate a group text by scrolling down on an Account record to the sub-panel titled “Conversations” and hitting the button to start a new group conversation. If they choose this option, the next step is for the rep to check off the contacts to include in the group text message.

Next, the rep will enter their desired message and hit send. If the rep keeps the dialogue window open, they will see the responses pop up and be saved as they are received. If they close the dialogue window, the responses will be logged for the rep to view and respond to later.

  New Conversation

This integration eliminates manual data entry and ensures that every communication is logged in the CRM--making for a seamless customer experience for both the reps and their clients.

Are you interested in click-to-text or automatically logging customer communications? Contact us here.

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