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Clearing Cache in the wMobile Manager Console

by Ionut Tufis on October 6, 2016

2 minute read

A new feature has been added in Manager Console to clear cache for all wMobile applications.

A new action for Clear Cache was added in the Actions panel, visible when the wMobile node is selected in the wMobile Explorer pane or when a specific component is selected.

If 'Clear cache' is clicked from wMobile root, cache is reset for all components.

If 'Clear cache' is clicked from one of the components, only cache from that component is reset.

When ‘Clear cache’ action is executed, a request is sent to each component or to only one component for resetting cache.

Data cleared from cache is:

  • GoldMine Users’ Security
  • GoldMine User Groups
  • Users
  • GoldMine DbAliases
  • GoldMine DbOwner
  • Email Accounts
  • Custom Screen Tabs (wMobileDesktop)
  • GoldMine View Tabs (wMobileDesktop)
  • Contact Details Tabs (wMobileDesktop)

Normally, wMobile caches these settings for 4 hours before refreshing them automatically. This feature will be helpful for administrators when they are changing user permissions in GoldMine and wish to force a clearing of cache for the changes to take effect in wMobile. Examples when Clear Cache might be used are:

  • When a user is added to GoldMine and doesn’t yet appear on the wMobile user list to grant login access
  • When a GoldMine user is added or removed from a GoldMine user group for updating record access
  • When user ownership settings are changed in GoldMine.

wMobile users will still also need to logout of wMobile and back in for changes to take effect.

Note: This blog topic is applicable to wMobile and above.