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Choosing a CRM Partner for your Organization

by Katie Liesmann on August 9, 2016

4 minute read

When you're choosing a CRM partner, you may find all companies saying they are the best at what they do. They probably genuinely believe this, but how are you suppose to narrow down your options? Here are W-Systems’s five tips for selecting a CRM solutions partner.

1. Assess their Project Process

Ask each partner for a walkthrough of their project process. If it sounds like their process is extremely flexible, that’s probably a warning sign that they are just adapting to your requests in an attempt to seal the deal. Look for a CRM partner that has a process in place and sticks to it--this means they have optimized their process and follow it because it works. You are looking for an expert here--not an order taker.

2. Check Out Local Options

We suggest that early on in your evaluation you do a search for local solutions partners and make sure to include them in your evaluation. Working with someone local has an invaluable aspect to it. You can’t replicate face-to-face interaction with online meetings and Skype sessions. If you can work with someone local or even just in your state, this can have an added benefit to building a long-term relationship.This is just one aspect to consider when selecting a partner; we would never suggest you work with someone local who has poor reviews over a company with great references.

3. Evaluate their Entire Services Line

In your evaluation process, you have probably put together a list of services you need for your upcoming CRM deployment. We advise you also create a list of other services you might need one day. Whether it be hosting services, expanding CRM use to other departments, or maybe even a “nice to have” custom project--consider these items and look for a partner who does these things as well, so as your company grows you can continue to look to your CRM partner for advice.

4. Look for Industry Experience

Look for a CRM partner who has experience with businesses that are similar to you. One way to do this is to ask for CRM case studies for businesses in the same industry as you. This not only provides more proof that they can work with your business and understand your industry but also provide some inspiration for your CRM project.

5. Ask for References

The proof is in the pudding. The best way to get a good recommendation is to ask for it yourself. Don’t just read the case studies (see #4), but also ask the solutions partners for references. Most likely, if those businesses were willing to participate in a case study, they would also be willing to serve as a reference. You can ask the CRM partner to connect you with them, or you just call into their main information line to find the right person to talk to. You may get a more candid response with the latter tactic.

You’ve already gotten through the toughest part of the process--getting started. Make sure you choose a partner who can help you finish your CRM deployment - the right way.

For more information on choosing the right CRM solutions partner, reach out to us here.