Changes to SugarCRM Workflows in 2016

by Katie Liesmann on October 27, 2015

3 minute read

You may have already heard that changes are coming to Sugar’s workflow engine next year. Below we outline what’s changing, why, and what you should do in response.

What Changes are Coming?

SugarCRM recently announced that the legacy Workflow Manager tool will be deprecated from all new versions of Sugar by the end of 2016. This means that Sugar Professional will no longer include a workflow tool, and Advanced Workflows will be the only workflow tool in Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate editions. Here are the details:

Professional EditionWorkflow Manager
Enterprise EditionWorkflow Manager Advanced Workflows
Ultimate EditionWorkflow Manager Advanced Workflows

If you are hosting your Sugar instance yourself, with W-Systems, or with another third party, your instance will continue to have Workflow Manager on your current version. You won’t have to face the deprecation of Workflows until you choose to upgrade to a new version (i.e. Sugar 7.X). If you are hosted OnDemand with SugarCRM, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that SugarCRM won’t remove workflow manager from your version or upgrade you to a version that no longer supports it. Therefore, you will need to make a change before then.

Why are Things Changing?

The legacy workflow tool has been outdated for a long time. Sugar released Advanced Workflows with the intention of having it replace Workflow Manager over time. The new tool creates capabilities that weren’t possible with the old workflow engine. Here are some examples of processes that can be automated via the new tool:

Automated processes

Besides this, Advanced Workflows is visually oriented and has a drag and drop interface--creating a much better user experience. Now workflows can have conditional statements that include both OR and AND (the old engine only allowed for AND logic).

Power of New Tool

  • Visually oriented
  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Combine multiple workflows into one process
  • Ability to use “Or” Logic
  • Built in Round Robin capability
  • Dashboard notifications

What are my Options?

If you are using the legacy Workflow Manager tool (most of our customers are) and are on the professional edition, you are going to have to take action in response to these changes. Here are your options:

  1. Work with a developer or Sugar Partner (like W-Systems) to build logic to replace your workflows in your current Sugar Professional instance. We recommend this for companies who don’t have many workflows and don’t see them changing in the foreseeable future.
  2. Upgrade to Sugar Enterprise to keep using workflows within your business. Enterprise will allow you to use Advanced Workflows and comes with many other added benefits such as role-based views, revenue line items, a portal, and more storage and support.

If you are using the legacy Workflow Manager tool, and are on Enterprise or Ultimate editions, you will need to rebuild your workflows in Advanced Workflows.

Because this change affects almost all of our customers, we want to be transparent and open about it. Our team is excited about the direction that the Advanced Workflow engine is taking the technology of CRM, and can’t wait to get you all using it. Contact your Account Manager, or contact us today, so we can create a game plan for how to approach the changes to workflows in 2016.

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