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Call System And SMS In SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on February 9, 2011

2 minute read

You can now bridge conference calls and send mass texts out of SugarCRM

Last week we discussed how W-Systems utilized its custom emergency SMS alert system in SugarCRM. That particular customization was created to send a mass text to all W-Systems employees by grabbing all of the phone_mobile fields from the Users module. To implement this, our engineers created a custom eSMS drop down item that was added to the "conference type" field. The text message was then typed into the description box. If someone were to text back to that number, a note could be automatically created and attached to that contact's record inside SugarCRM.

Contacts record in SugarCRM

W-Systems uses Twilio to bridge the calls and send SMS through SugarCRM. Twilio is a cloud communication system used by several companies for voice, conference and SMS capabilities.

The Twilio service includes :

  • Voice apps that interact with phone callers.
  • Ability to fetch any MP3, Wav, AIFF file to play to callers.
  • Call audio recordings that can be sent back to your server.
  • Ability to bridging phone calls automatically to a single number.

W-Systems integrated Twilio with SugarCRM by modifying the Calls module in Sugar. Initially, the integration was done for customers that needed to schedule conference calls and automatically bridge several callers together. After the integration was implemented, users could schedule a conference by logging a call in Sugar, selecting the conference type and choosing the numbers to dial from the CRM system. Using XML language you can add hold music or auto voice to any call.The Twilio service is inexpensive and W-Systems has cleanly built the integration into SugarCRM. Each text message costs two cents and phone calls range from one to three cents.

To learn more about W-Systems 's Twilio integration for SugarCRM, contact us today.

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