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Bridging Conference Calls in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on October 14, 2011

3 minute read

Meetings are a funny thing. People schedule them, come up with an agenda, stick it on the calendar, and set reminders. A lot of planning goes into a single conference call, but attendees still dial in late. It could be because they had a previous call that ran long, they got caught-up sending out emails, or just took too long to filter through emails to find the dial-in number.

The variable to be adjusted seems clear. Eliminate the dialing.

To solve this problem internally and for customers, W-Systems built a conference bridging feature into the Activities module in SugarCRM. By integrating Twilio, a cloud communications platform for voice and SMS applications, W-Systems was able to automate the physical act of dialing-in for a conference call.

The Concept

The conference bridging system enables SugarCRM users to schedule a conference call the same way they would log a call or in Sugar. The user sets the time and date, sets a reminder "X" minutes before, chooses the account related to the call and the contacts who will be on the call. The idea behind logging a call is to keep historic data of your activities and to also keep you on track with setting up those tasks.

Calls in SugarCRM screenshot

How it Works

The conference bridging system takes logging a call one large leap forward. At the time of the conference, the phone for each contact scheduled for the call will be dialed automatically. When the contact answers the phone they will hear an automated voice say "press one to join the conference". Once the contact presses one, they will be bridged into a call with the other contacts who were scheduled on the call in Sugar.

When scheduling the call, the user can search through the contacts already in the CRM system or add in phone numbers separately.

Phone Contact

On the backend, the Twilio integration pulls the phone number field to dial out to these contacts and bridges each phone together. The conference bridging system brings additional value to logging a call in SugarCRM. Users can now have automated execution of those scheduled calls.

For more information about the conference bridging system, contact us today.

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