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The Best SugarCRM Integrations, Plugins, and Add-ons

by Katie Liesmann on October 21, 2015

3 minute read

While Sugar is a powerful tool for pipeline management, quote creation, and customer insight, sometimes customers need additional functionality that doesn’t come with Sugar. Companies choose W-Systems for our ability to customize the Sugar application, but sometimes there is an off the shelf product that can do the job better and is more cost-effective. But the problem with additional software is that it can dampen user adoption (“Another login? Why does my manager keep giving me more tools?”). So when our customers have a need for an additional software tool, we help them choose a product that has a tight integration to Sugar, so that users still can access everything they need from one place.

Integrations, Plugins and Add-ons  

Below are my favorite integrations for different departments. I chose these based on the depth of the integration to Sugar and the satisfaction our customers have with these products.


One of the most affordable solutions to encourage sales reps to use the system is an email integration. Your CRM and email platform are probably the two things they access the most throughout the day--which is why it makes sense to put them together. For companies using Gmail, we recommend Collabspot. Collabspot is extremely affordable and saves reps the time they spend switching between email and CRM. An email integration also encourages reps to consistently enter notes, update lead info, and save emails in the system. With the click of a button, reps can create new leads, edit info, upload emails to Sugar, and create reusable email templates. Learn more about Collabspot here.


Marketing Automation is growing in popularity and necessity. For marketers using Sugar, we recommend Salesfusion’s platform because it has the tightest integration to Sugar. This means that it will provide the most features within Sugar without having to leave the system. Functionality includes lead scoring, email marketing, event management, website forensics, social media management, and more.  We actually use Salesfusion internally because we have so much confidence in it. To learn more about Salesfusion go here.

Customer Service

We are hearing more and more about the importance of customer service. Consumers are expecting the same service from you as they receive from conglomerates like Amazon and Zappos. How are you supposed to compete? We recommend integrating Sugar with a multi-channel contact center platform, such as 3CLogic. Customer service reps can use this platform to have access to all the information they need for an incoming call, email, or any type of customer contact out so they are more likely to help customers come to a resolution at the first point of contact. Admins can use this software to create advanced call routing menus, listen to call recordings, and analyze the performance of certain reps. Learn more about 3CLogic here. Don’t stop your research with this blog post. If you are considering an integration and want help choosing the right one, contact us here.

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