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Best Practices for Sugar Reports

by Lynn Catterson on August 24, 2015

4 minute read

Reports can provide a useful tool for you to monitor activity, sales opportunities, leads, etc. There are some reports that are provided “out of the box” and you might have created other custom reports for your specific reporting needs. Since it takes time to create reports, you want to make sure that they are protected. When Sugar is first installed, users do have the ability to delete or edit reports, as shown in the report options below.

This article will walk you through creating a role that will prevent users from deleting or editing a report that they did not create. They will still be able to Copy a report, which they can then edit or delete, leaving the original intact. Select Admin from the navigation bar as shown below.

From here select Role Management.

Any roles that you have will be listed. Some roles are provided at the installation of Sugar, and vary by which version of Sugar that you have.

To create a new Role, select Create Role from the Roles menu as shown below.

Give the role a name and a description. Click Save to proceed to the settings.

Roles are applied per module. The third and fourth columns control Delete and Edit permissions. Scroll down to the Reports module.

On installation, all these values are set to “Not Set” which effectively means “All” and users can perform any function.

Change the Default and Edit values to “Owner” and click Save.

After saving the role, click on Select User to add users to the role.

All your Sugar users will be listed. You can checkmark individual users, or use Select All from the header bar.

When your changes are made, click Select.

Users will no longer see the options to Edit or Delete on the Reports menu.

Note: Users might be assigned multiple roles. In cases where the permissions conflict, the most restrictive permission will be applied. System Administrators will not be added to the role. They are “super-users” and will still be able to edit reports.