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Best of 2010: W-Systems Engineers’ Favorite Projects Of The Year

by Amanda Anderson on December 10, 2010

4 minute read

W-Systems' Software Engineers have been busy this past year working on several new projects. Each week the team creates various new features, custom modules, or other solutions for our clients where the end result is a product built specifically for their business. We asked them to share some of their favorite and most requested work in 2010. Below are just a few of the creative solutions W-Systems' Engineering Team have completed or will complete for clients this year. To learn more about any of the projects below, contact us today.

1. Target Lists Automation For Campaigns

  • Problem: Client had hundreds of leads coming into the CRM each day and had to attach each lead to its specific campaign or lead source.
  • Requirement: The client needed the solution to be automated, implemented quickly, and at a low cost.
  • Solution: Allowed the user to add a query to the target list for defining which people should be added. We then added a field to the target list module to store the query and a checkbox to mark that this target list should be updated automatically. Finally, we created a scheduled job that runs every10 minutes executing those queries and updating the target lists.
  • End Result: A quick and easy way of keeping target lists in sync. An added bonus was that you can write very complex queries that you cannot generate using Sugar Reports.  For example: Create a target list consisting of everyone that has signed up for Conference X, Conference Y, but not Conference Z. The client has created a dozen or so of these automated target lists that are highly targeted with very specific conditions which would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to keep updated manually.

Target lists

2. Relationship Attributes Module

  • SugarCRM out-of-the-box gives the ability to identify contacts with certain accounts but doesn't allow users to attach any attributes to those relationships.
  • A custom module was built with a many-to-one relationship to accounts and with contacts.
  • The relationship attributes module can allow clients to describe employment history, education, and family member associations.
  • The new module is not displayed in the navigation and the new attributes instead appear within each contact and account's detail view.
  • The end result offers users customization that has the look and feel of the rest of the system and hides the complexity of the code.

3. Tagged Objects

  • Problem: Client had several new leads coming in a day and needed a way to go through those lists and tag which ones they want to follow up with.
  • Requirement: Needed the ability to tag objects (leads, contacts, accounts, or other custom objects).
  • Solution: Created a Tag module and Tagged module to hold the tags and to mark which objects are tagged with which tags. Then created a button on the list views that allows you to tag whichever records you have checked.
  • End Result: The client can now tag nearly any object w/ any tag they like. They can then use those tags in search, reports and the auto target lists.

Account List

4. Custom Portal

  • W-Systems built a custom portal to better meet the client's needs. The client required the portal, but Sugar Enterprise was not an option for their business.
  • The custom portal integrates with Sugar Community Edition as well as Sugar Professional.

5. Quickbooks Integration

  • W-systems is just beginning a client project to integrate Quickbooks information into SugarCRM.
  • In this project, Sugar will be customized to integrate Quickbooks with modules related to sales and employees, but has the ability to integrate with any module a client needs.

Quickbooks Integration   

6. Calendar And Meeting Scheduler

  • W-Systems customized the calendar module to give the client better transparency when scheduling meetings.
  • The end result allowed the client to see each user's calendar and availability. When scheduling a meeting, the action would not be allowed if the user's calendar showed them to be busy. This eliminates meeting overlaps as well as meeting room reservation conflicts.

W-Systems' QuickBooks Integration for SugarCRM has been discontinued as of March 2018.

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