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Best Apps and Tools to Keep Your Teams Productive When Working Remotely

by Mihaela Bulacu on March 23, 2020

5 minute read

Here, at W-Systems, we have extensive experience with managing remote workers in different cities and even continents, and we want to share some wisdom in terms of remote work planning and disaster recovery strategies. Here are some of the apps we use both at the office, but also when the need to work from home arises.

1. Ensure Easy Access to your CRM System

When working remotely, easy access to the CRM tool that your company uses is the first step in ensuring that you enable your teams to perform at the expected capacity. Cloud-based CRM tools like Sugar are practical, secure, and easy-to-use, helping employees to keep up with their leads, opportunities, cases, and tasks. Our W-Systems add-ons are easy to integrate with Sugar, which allows us to remain productive even remotely.

Sugar can enable your teams to remain productive even when working from home.

2. Choose Reliable Cloud Hosting Services

We ensure that all our employees and clients can quickly access their operational services and data. Here is what Christian Wettre, President at W-Systems, has to say about having your systems and data hosted by a reliable cloud computing vendor, especially in delicate scenarios.

We are happy with our decision to move all our W-Systems servers to Amazon AWS in 2016.  We currently run over 100 servers and services on AWS for ourselves and our customers, and it really helps us and our customers get through situations such as this.

Christian Wettre, President at W-Systems

3. Communication and Conferencing Apps, to Keep Your Teams Connected

Helping your remote workers keep in touch from anywhere can help boost teamwork and morale. At W-Systems, we use Slack to communicate more effectively. Slack (which offers a free version) is an instant messaging app that will help you streamline communications between individuals or teams, allowing you to create chat groups and channels for meetings.

Slack is a communication app that can enforce better work from home etiquette.

For conferences and calls, we use GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts. Both apps offer video call options, have excellent audio and secure conference joining protocols.

4. Password Managers

Password managers and vaults help you keep all your passwords private, secure, and ready to use even remotely. Tools such as 1Password ensure that all employees can access their applications, whether they’re at the office or not. 1Password only requires a master password and offers quick click-and-access features for the user.

1Passwork can help your teams keep their passwords secure and safely access all their apps even remotely.

5. Marketing Automation Apps

In our marketing department, we have several tools and applications that we access daily. We wanted to ensure higher flexibility within our team, so we opted for web-based marketing automation apps that can be accessed from anywhere. Both Sugar Market and Act-On support remote access and do a fantastic job of supplying our team with all the marketing features they need when working from home.

Sugar Market can help offers remote access to your Marketing team.

6. G Suite

Google’s G Suite is packed with collaboration apps and tools that can promote better work from home etiquette if correctly set up and used. Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet are two communication apps that streamline remote work interactions between team members. Gmail can be easily integrated with the Calendar app to quickly schedule meetings, calls, or other activities within teams. Google Drive (which can be accessed from Sugar, thanks to our wDrive add-on) facilitates file sharing and storage within remote teams.

wDrive is W-Systems integration with Sugar whcih lets your teams easily access their cloud-storage platforms from Sugar.

Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are also extensively used by organizations seeking remote work plans for their employees.

Wrapping it Up

At W-Systems, remote work has always been an option for our employees, and we have an excellent infrastructure to manage similar situations. These are some of the apps and tools that we encourage our employees and customers to use during these times.

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