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Bedrock Data Interview Series with Christian Wettre on the Evolution of CRM

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on November 9, 2015

6 minute read

Bedrock Data, an integration and data management platform recently did an interview with our very own, Christian Wettre to get his take on CRM today, including the common challenges facing businesses in managing their customer relationships, the importance of training, and the CRM innovations that he is most excited about.


You can read the original interview on Bedrock Data's website or below.

What excites you about Customer Relationship Management?

The most exciting thing about CRM is learning each customer's unique needs and how we can adapt our tools to fit each customer.

What do you think are the common challenges or frustrations facing businesses today when it comes to managing their customer relationships?

One of the most challenging problems facing businesses today is the very rapid change in technology. These new technologies are great new opportunities for an organization, but onboarding the technology and integrating it into existing technology creates a great challenge.

What are some best practices that any business - regardless of size or resources - can adopt to better manage their customers?

We see that when companies make the effort to integrate CRM, accounting, and marketing automation, they are able to get the most done. That combination of information and capabilities is very powerful.

What do you think most companies could do better in this arena?

I think most companies should have a continuous integration practice and always strive to integrate their best-of-breed systems. Most technology platforms are fairly open these days, and you do not completely unlock their value until you combine them.

Why is training so important to companies adopting new CRM tools?

Training is important not only to explain how a user can best perform specific tasks using the tool, but also to teach how the tool can be used to organize information for a better understanding of customer relationships.

How can companies better train their users on these new tools?

Training, like integration, should be considered an ongoing effort. Find ways to incorporate additional training in the tool sets you use throughout the year. Identify ways to share best usage practices among your team members.

What innovations or trends in CRM are you most excited about?

I love how CRM has become much more process-focused than in prior years. With modern sales tools, you can manage and run complex processes with proper checks and balances.

How do you think CRM will look in the coming years? Where can we expect the biggest changes?

I think the trend will continue to make processes easier to design and manage. I also think the integration of systems will become easier as the value of this integration becomes more apparent and the number of tools in place in an organization grows.