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Barcode Scanner Integration to Sugar Increases Efficiency

by Katie Liesmann on August 30, 2016

3 minute read

Imagine if you had hundreds of forms containing customer information coming in the mail each day, and you needed to enter all that data in your CRM system. Well one of our customers came to us with this issue, and was looking for a way to streamline their data entry process.

Our customer, who is in the healthcare industry, receives filled out forms in the mail from their patients. The organization has an entire department dedicated to processing these incoming forms. Employees are required to take each piece of mail, open it up, search for the correct patient record in Sugar, and then update patient data that has changed from the form. Data entry in this process was inefficient, time consuming, and tedious for the employees. Reps had to manually search for records, which led to human error in associating data with the incorrect records.

To increase efficiency, W-Systems created an integration to a handheld barcode scanner. This device is similar to what cashiers at the grocery store will use to scan heavy items you leave in your basket.


Each Contact record in Sugar has a unique barcode associated with it and forms sent to a specific customer will have that barcode printed on it. So when the customer fills out the form and sends it back, the employee who receives it can use the barcode scanner to scan the form, which automatically pulls up the right Contact record in Sugar. Now the rep can update the information quickly. This resulted in less time spent searching for the right Contact record, less human error. Watch the video below to see what it looks like when a bar code is scanned and information becomes imported.

The neatest thing about this customization is how many industries it could be applied to. In this case it was used in the healthcare industry for incoming patient paper work such as insurance forms.  But it could be used by the retail industry to scan products if they have a large product catalog. It could also be used by the appliances industry to scan incoming warranty forms to associate serial numbers with the customers that bought that specific appliance. Do you see a way your business could use it? Tell us your ideas here.

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