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Banking Business Development: Don’t Just Flirt. Build Lasting Relationships

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on May 10, 2017

5 minute read

On May 2nd, we had a Banking Business Development webinar where we presented a new approach for developing new banking relationships, as well capitalizing on every sales opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this webinar. Below is the video recording, slide deck, and Q&A.

If you have questions about the CRM tools that we discussed during our presentation, feel free to contact us.


  • Introduction
  • Relationship Building Process
    • Client Acquisition
      • Identifying Ideal Banking Prospects
      • Respectful Persistence
    • Client Onboarding
      • Actively Listening and Learning
    • Deepening Relationships
      • Expand the Client Product Portfolio
      • Enhance Communication Between Business Lines
    • Transparent Results
      • Command and Control the Sales Process
      • Actionable Dashboards
      • Email Reports
      • Active Notifications
  • Q&A 

Slide Deck

Questions & Answers

Do you need both the calling program and CRM?

No, you can use a calling program without the CRM. You can use the CRM without the calling program. We have clients who do either or both. There are some obvious advantages, for example when a client is using the calling program and the CRM system all the information from a lead sheet (used to communicate the opportunity) is automatically populated into the CRM system which is a huge advantage.
The reality of the world is that the decision to do a calling program is much faster so we may start a calling program and then a couple months later, the bank or credit union may implement CRM. In the meantime, all the information that is gathered through the calling program can still be backfilled so you haven't lost anything. It can always be backfilled as soon as that CRM system is put in place. Then, again, a bank or credit union could use the CRM system without a calling program. It's either or, or both.

Is there a compliance issue since the CRM system is hosted externally?

That's a tricky question. With Sugar CRM system, we have the ability to host the system in a secure cloud, or on your own premises. That's a little bit different between, SugarCRM and our biggest competitor (Salesforce). Salesforce has to be in their cloud. In our case, when people want to do more diligence on their security, you have the ability to also host it in your own data center.

How long does this program take to rollout?

Some CRM systems, usually for a bank, the rollout is between 3 months to 1 year depending on the number of functionalities you're going to have in it and the number of users that you are rolling out to. For instance, in a simple scenario where you are just rolling out to your commercial bankers to start with and maybe a phase one that typically can be done within 3 months which is reasonably quick for a new system in a bank. If you're doing it comprehensively across a midsize bank, cross-functionally then we would estimate it to take close to a year.

What is the impact on the internal IT staff?

For the calling program it's irrelevant, however for the CRM, one of the reasons that we recommend Sugar was because it provides the most flexibility and ability for community banks and credit unions to not have to rely on their IT staff to manage the CRM, especially when compliance and regulatory issues take precedence over sales business development and marketing issues.
The really nice thing for the community bank or credit union that goes with the W-Systems approach is that it really unburdens the bank or credit union's internal IT resources. That is one of the largest issues that we see when doing our research and the Sugar CRM system that W-Systems provide is a great answer to that question.

How does EBD’s calling program replace or duplicate the efforts of the commercial banking team?

Expert Business Decision’s calling program does not duplicate the efforts of the commercial banking team, because the best use for the bankers is working warm leads, referrals, COIs, and deepening relationships. That's what bankers tend to be very good at. Bankers tend to not have a strong skillset with cold calling so it's a nice complement. Cold calling really is what we do very effectively, where working with the warm leads is left to the bankers.  Then, when those leads go over into the W-Systems Sugar CRM they are moved along the pipeline in a very efficient way. The whole concept is that we are not creating duplication, but efficiency in utilizing everyone’s abilities and talents.