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Tutorial: Automating Talend Jobs to Transfer Data

by Marc Dicaire on November 21, 2014

6 minute read

Talend is an excellent data transformation tool for migrating data between databases. Jobs and sub jobs can be created to transfer data which can be run manually or on a scheduled basis in Windows and/or Unix/Linux environments. This blog post tutorial demonstrates how to schedule a Talend Job using Talent 5.4 in a Windows 7 Environment.

Build a Scheduled Package

In order to be able to schedule a Talend job, a package must be created for the desired environment. To do this, open Talend, right click on the desired Job which will display the menu below.

Next, select Build Job to build the package containing the files required to schedule the job. The following form will be displayed.

Enter the path to create the package in the “To Extract File” box.  This package will be a zipped file named according to the Job name and will contain all the relevant configuration for the job (such as the connection properties, inputs, transaction mappings, outputs, etc.).  All defaults can be left as is (as shown above), except the Shell Launcher can be modified to create a Windows package, Unix/Linux package or All (which is both).  Click on the Finish button to create the package in the location specified in the Extract File Box. 

Prepare the Talend Package for Scheduling

Now that the Talend job is packaged and compressed, it must be uncompressed.  Find the zip file with the job name in the path specified in the “Extract To File” box and extract the files.  Below displays the files created from the zip file.  Notice the .bat and .jar files which can be used to schedule the job to run in Windows or Unix/Linux respectively.

To ensure the package works run the bat file and view the results in the target table from the job.  Once confirmed, note the path and name of the bat file as it will be required for setting up the scheduler. 

Schedule the Talend Package

Windows 7 has a Task Scheduler.  To launch it enter Task Scheduler in the Windows Search box and Select Task Scheduler.  The following window will appear.

Click on Create Basic Task on the right to schedule the package on a scheduled basis and the following window will appear.

Enter the name for the scheduled task and a description (optional) and click Next.

Select the trigger which is the interval the package will run and click Next.

Enter the date the package should start to run as well as the time and the interval and click Next.

Click on Start a program file (which can be an exe, bat, etc.) and click Next.

Browse to the location of the batch file extracted from the package and click Next.

Ensure the trigger and action are set up correctly and click Finish. This will complete the process and the Talend job will run at the time and interval specified.

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