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Automatically Find and Update Missing Phone Numbers in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on August 2, 2013

3 minute read

What does your Sales team do if your Leads are missing phone numbers in your CRM system? Do they spend time searching the company's website, look them up on LinkedIn, or email them to set up a call? Or is the lead deemed low quality because of missing information? If no number can be found, the task of following up on the Lead becomes time consuming and can be an inefficient use of your team's time if missing phone numbers are a common occurrence among your batches of Leads.

One of  W-Systems' customers had a similar issue. They regularly assign and import batches of Leads into SugarCRM for their sales team to reach out to and further qualify. For them, it is a numbers game. They needed to hit the phones and reach out to as many people as possible in hopes of getting a handful of possible opportunities that could be pushed through the sales pipeline. The issue was that several of these Leads had missing phone numbers, which slowed down the sales reps' productivity.

 Phone and magnifier

To solve this problem, W-Systems built a custom solution to automatically find accurate phone numbers for Leads with missing phone numbers and auto update the record in SugarCRM. With this customization, Leads with missing phone numbers are flagged and run through the auto phone number process. By utilizing APIs from multiple data source vendors, including White Pages, the Leads are searched for based on Name, Street Address, State, and ZIP code. Once the matching records are found, the related phone numbers are then populated in the business phone record of that Lead in Sugar. If one or more numbers are populated the lead status is set to “new”. If no numbers are found, a custom field for "telesource" is set to "unmatched" and the status is set to "411". The sales reps can then followup on all "new" Leads with assurance that an accurate phone number is readily available.

The main objective of this customization was to take Leads that do not have phone numbers and populate phone numbers in an automatic fashion to maximize value at a reasonable cost. This enables our customer’s sales team to stay focused on the Leads with complete and accurate contact information. This was a custom project and is not module loadable.

For more information about W-Systems’s customization to auto populate phone numbers, contact us today.

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