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Automatically Create and Format a Quote from an Opportunity

by Amanda Anderson on July 1, 2011

2 minute read

SugarCRM has standard modules for creating opportunities and quotes. You can create an opportunity in your CRM based on a quote you previously created. However, often times an opportunity is created before a quote is ever needed.

W-Systems added the ability to for quotes to be created from the detail view of an opportunity. Our engineers took this a step further to automate some of the data entry when creating the quote. Certain fields like "quote type" and "quote amount" are pulled from the opportunity automatically.


Because one of our clients needed to format these quotes, W-Systems then added a custom "PDF Format" drop down. This allowed our client to choose the template depending on the type of document being sent out. For example, the format for quote, contract, and invoice were all different. With a simple drop down field, the client can now quickly format a PDF based on the document being sent out.


The client also needed the ability to tack-on standard legal or product documents to the quote. W-Systems built a sub panel where the client could upload or select documents in Sugar that he wished to include with the quote. Upon saving the quote, the legal docs automatically merge inside at the bottom of the quote's PDF.

Legal and Product Docs

These customizations were repeated in the Contracts and custom Invoice module for this particular client. The ability to quickly create a quote, automatically format it, and instantly add additional legal docs enabled our client to be more efficient.

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