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Automatically Create a Contract from a Quote in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on August 5, 2011

3 minute read

Imagine that you've just finished drafting up a quote for a potential customer. You've done the math, written-up the correct language, and set pricing and quantities for products. You send the quote and it's approved. Great. But now you have to create another very similar document. The Contract.

Create Contract

To get around the tediousness of creating quotes then contracts with similar data and fields, W-Systems designed a more efficient process. With this customization, Sugar will auto-create the contract based on data in the approved quote. A button was added to the detail view in the Quotes module titled "Create Contract". Once clicked, the Contracts module will open and the contract will automatically be created from data in the quote. Additionally, the quote stage is automatically updated to "Confirmed".

The benefit of auto-creating documents during the sales process not only increases efficiency but also keeps data accurate and consistent throughout.

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